A thorough walk-through is important in buying the best home for you. This helps in envisioning a life in a property to make sure it can fill your needs and wants.

Thing is, it’s not just about touring a home once, then sealing a deal if you like a property. It’s about checking a property’s overall condition as well. And giving you good leverages over the negotiation processes.

But be sure to do it properly for favorable perks.


Properly do a Walk-Through for Favorable Leverages in Buying a Home

Touring in a home for sale isn’t simply about checking if you like it or not. It’s having the right and favorable purchase as well. Here’s how you should do it:


Do Two Walk-Throughs

Remember to do at least two tours in a property before buying it. One is when you first visit a home, and the second is at least 24 hours before closing.

The first one helps in checking if a property fits your needs, wants, and lifestyle. For example, it tells if a home has enough space for your family, or if its design and specifications suit you. Don’t buy a home if you can’t envision life in it during a tour.

The second is a final walk-through right before the closing. Do it at least 24 hours before the closing so the seller won’t have enough time hiding any uncertainties away. This is also a good chance to see if the seller has followed your signed agreement or not.


Conduct a Professional Home Inspection

You can do a home inspection both on the first and last walk-through. But never miss it on the latter and be sure to hire a reputable home inspector for the job.

An expert home inspector has keen eyes in detecting any uncertainties within a property. That’s from small things such as squeaking door to large problems such as weak foundation. Results from the inspection would help you have favorable decisions regarding the home buying process. When significant damage is seen, you can obligate the seller to fix it, pull down the property’s price or find another home for sale.


Check all Inclusions and Systems

During your final tour, check if everything is working fine.  For example, open the doors and windows to see if they squeak. Turn on appliances that are included in the deal, such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner and thermostat among other machines. Of course, try all the faucets, showers and even toilet flush to check if they function too.


See what’s Left by the Seller

Finally, check the home for items left by the seller. More often than not, sellers tend to leave household items which they can’t easily bring, or something they don’t use anymore. But these stuffs aren’t necessarily useful for you as well. Missing to take note of this may lead you to bigger cleaning and throwing away tasks.

Of course, be sure they leave things included in the agreement. This includes appliances, furniture and decors among other essential items. This is where you can check if they function seamlessly.


The first walk-through would make you want to buy a home. But the final tour would help you make sure you’re on the right track. It helps you negotiate for the best price as well, so you’d end up with a favorable deal.


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