Pet smells are some of the biggest factors which push buyers away from a home. Thing is, they are often difficult to handle since most homeowners are immune to them. You smell it constantly in your home, so your nose would get used with it. That’s why you should know how to trace and eradicate these foul smells before selling your property today.


How to Eliminate Pet Smells from your home before Selling

To get rid of pet odor in your home efficiently, you should begin by inviting a friend to trace such smells. Your realtor may help you as well.What they’d do is smell and sniff all over your home as a test. That’s because somebody who is not used with the odors in your place would easily identify it.


After doing the smelling or sniffing test, proceed with these steps right away:

Scrub or Power Wash

Be sure to scrub, vacuum or power wash all surfaces and corners in your home, especially those with foul smells. Yu can use odor neutralizer from local pet stores, or use vinegar, bleach or baking soda solutions with water. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service for the job as well.

Clean certain Household Items

There are certain items in your home which easily acquire pet odors and have probably accumulated it through years or months. These includes your curtains, drapes, upholsteries and carpets. Yes, you can wash them by your own, but it’s best to hire professional services who use heavy duty steam cleaning techniques. And if pet smells won’t go away after a carpet cleaning process, wash or replace the paddings underneath.

Seal or Paint Walls

There are pet stains and smells which seem to have stuck on surfaces. The best option for you to go is to replace, paint or seal them up. That would surely hide or eliminate the foul odor permanently.

Air Out

After doing the steps above, consider opening your windows to let fresh air come in and the smelly odor go out. This is also a vital step if you opt to clean certain smelly items by yourself. If you clean your upholsteries, for example, leave them under the sun for quite a while. That would help reduce and eradicate odors properly.

Manage your Pet Waste and Urine Properly

To avoid odor accumulation in your home, replace pee paddings every time your pet urinates. It’s even wise to remove clean padding before letting a potential buyer come inside. Also, be sure you have few spare litter boxes at home. So, you can easily replace boxes for cleaning, instead of simply scooping the waste out.

Prepare Scented Candles during Walkthroughs

Yes, it’s best to remove odors instead of simply masking them. But using scented candles can do wonders as well. Be sure, however, to carefully place them on the right spots, so it won’t be too overwhelming. Note that some potential buyers may have sensitive sense of smell or allergies.

Keep your Pets away during Walkthroughs

It’s best to keep your pet in a safe place away from the house you sell during walkthroughs. This is to avoid additional waste, especially right before or during a potential buyer comes. Leave them in friend you trust, or contact local pet accommodations.


These tips would keep pet smells away during your home selling process.That way, buyers would appreciate the beauty of your property even more.


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