Writing a letter to the seller with your offer could effectively help you buy your home!

You can actually grab a seller’s attention when making an offer, without the need of giving out a large sum of cash. The simple secret you can do is to write a letter that can win the seller by heart, and not simply by luring him or her with your money. This tactic can be useful when a home has multiple offers on it and you can’t imagine yourself in any other home. Remember that a simple letter can help in communicating with others, and communicating with the seller can become your advantage.


How to Write an Effective Offer Letter?

The key to writing an effective offer letter is to remember the human side of the seller.  Remember that you will be communicating with a human after all, and not with just another signature on a page. That is why it is important to remember these points:

  1. Capture the Seller’s Attention with Your Letter’s Appearance

Make the letter beautiful and captivating. Use unique fonts and colors to instantly catch the seller’s attention to your letter. However, make sure your colors and graphics will not make your letter difficult to read.

  1. Show the Seller that You Really Love His or Her Property

You can do it by simply pointing out stuff in the property itself. For instance, tell him or her that the house has a wonderful garden, or if you love the color theme of the house. Even pointing out simple things can let the seller know you really love the house.

  1. Emotional Connection Can Certainly do the Trick

Tell the seller why you want to have the property, or tell him or her why you need it. For instance, if you have a person with a disability in your family and the property has disability-friendly features, you can safely assume that the seller supports the needs of people with disabilities. Hence, could let him or her prioritize you over some other buyers.

You can remember these few simple steps in preparing an offer letter that will surely captivate the seller. Request to your Realtor to encourage the seller’s Realtor to present the letter to the seller at the same time as the offer. If there is no Realtor involved, try and give it to the seller personally if at all possible. Sending it to his or her email will just give it a chance to be simply dumped into an unwatched inbox or even in the spam folder.

The key here is to capture the attention of the seller and convince him or her that he or she should sell the property to you. This can eliminate the need for you to drop a huge sum of cash just to make a deal, and help you to secure your dream house at the end.

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