Water, snow, and frost are few of the common yard or lawn problems when winter comes. But you can shield your yard, plants, and tools against the cold. You just have to do proper fall maintenance before winter wreaks havoc on your local place.


Remember these Fall Maintenance Tips to Protect your Yard against Cold

Here are few helpful tips that would keep your yard on good shape throughout winter:


Rake and Compost the Leaves

Begin with the most simple and obvious task. Rake the leaves and stop them from piling up on your lawn. But instead of dumping them in a bag for disposal, consider composting them.

To properly compost dried leaves, use a mulcher mower. These are specially designed lawn mowers which chops leaves into tiny pieces. That’s how you make leaves ready for the compost bin. On a side note, keep your bin on a spot reached by partial sunlight, but avoid placing it under direct heat.


Clean Gutters and Roof

Gutter is where rain and melted snow travel down from your roof. Leaving it unclean can block the passage of water. That can possibly cause damage to your roof.


While checking your gutters, be sure to see your roof as well. See if you need to do some cleaning or fixing on it. You wouldn’t want a problematic roof at the midst of winter.


Protect your Plants

It’s common for plants to acquire frost during winter. Thing is, you can shield them from cold through simple fall maintenance steps as well. You can cover them with a cloth, such as an old blanket or linen. But be sure not to cover them with plastic since it can freeze too.

Aside from shielding them from cold, this also keeps the heat they get from the sunlight during the day. On a side note, do not forget to water them regularly.

And if you think the weather is unbearable, you can run Christmas lights near the plants. Be sure, however, that the bulbs aren’t touching the covers.


Fertilize the Yard

Summer can go unbearably hot for your yard while the plants take much nutrients from the soil. So, when do fall landscaping, be sure to include fertilizing your lawn? This is to give enough nutrients to the soil.


Get Rid of Weeds

Applying herbicide during fall is a great idea. This can stop the weeds from growing with the plants, so you don’t have to worry about them on spring.


Shield your Tools from Frost

Extreme winter cold can damage many of your gardening tools as well. That’s why be sure to shield them to avoid freezing.

You can begin with your garden hose and mechanical sprinklers. Be sure to dry them up so no water would freeze in them. Freezing water in the hose, for example, can cause it to cut apart. On the other hand, frost can damage the gears of your mechanical sprinklers.

Pay attention to your lawn mower and tractor as well. Simply storing them in the garage won’t help. Add fuel stabilizers to its engine so their gas won’t harden throughout winter. Also, remove the batteries of your tractor and charge it until 12 volts.


These are few of the simple yet vital fall maintenance tips you should remember. Keep your yard on good shape throughout winter by shielding it from extreme cold.


Image Source: Pixabay


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