Deciding Between Repairing or Replacing Your Windows

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Choosing Between Completely Replacing and Simply Repairing Your Windows

There are now dozens of features in modern windows that make it more energy efficient. Of course, you want to decrease a fraction from your electric bill, and making some parts of your home energy efficient is a good step to consider. However, recklessly replacing your window without careful considerations can make you spend a huge amount, which could take years before you cover from the reduced amount in electric bills. Thus, you should definitely consider repairing or having some modifications on your windows to spend a far lesser amount.


Knowing When Should You Replace or Repair Your Windows?

To help you up in making your decision between replacing and repairing your windows, here are few points you can think about:


  1. If you have a historic home, that is already one or few centuries old, you might want to consider simply improving its condition instead of completely replacing it. It could be difficult to find the perfect window for you to purchase that will match the style of your house, or else you need to spend a ridiculous amount on it. Not mentioning that having new windows on historic houses can greatly decrease its property value.


  1. Houses that are built before 1960 probably has lead paint on it. Such kind of paint was illegalized in 1978, simply because of the obvious health hazard, it can cause. If you have lead paint on your windows, you should definitely remove it right away. However, it is best if you will not do it by yourself, instead avail expert services on paint removal. Removing lead paint can spread lead dust all over your place, and an expert can perfectly control it up. Moreover, professionals know the type of paint that you should apply all over your windows or house as a replacement.


  1. If some problematic parts of your windows can be repaired, you should simply repair it instead of replacing it. Most common window problems are rotting parts, jammed parts, and other damage pieces. Experts can help you fix such problems easily. They can handle rotting of some parts and can deal with jammed sessions too. This could also include parts where water is coming in. However, if you notice problems on your windows’ insulation, you can consider replacing it.


  1. If you want to make your windows more energy efficient, applying caulk on some parts can help a lot. Remove old caulks first. After which, you can apply caulk on the window trim from inside, and put some between the window house and molding. Make sure that the temperature is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit before you put the caulks. Windows stripping can also help for additional insulating properties on your windows.


Considering repairing your windows before you think about replacing them can definitely bring in more advantage to you. For instance, if you have a historic house, you cannot just simply replace the windows because it could decrease its house value. Moreover, replacing windows can cause thousands of dollars from your pocket, and it could be difficult to have it back from the decrease rates of your electric bills.

However, if you think your windows are already in a bad condition that is the best time for you to think about replacing it. You just have to make sure of buying high-quality windows that will be perfect for your house theme and ask a help from a contractor to do the replacing job for you. This way, you can make sure of new and great windows in your home, by avoiding bad quality windows and installation.

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