Dealing with House Pests without Killing Them

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Deal with Household Pests through Humane Ways

The most common ways of dealing with household pests involve the use of poisoning, traps, and other instant ways to kill them. However, this could bring more disadvantages on some angles, especially if you do not want to handle pests using harsh methods. Moreover, traps and poison can cause harm to your household, specifically to your kids and pets. Thus, you should know about the humane and environmentally friendly methods in dealing with annoying house pests in your home.


How to Handle House Pests through Humane Ways?

Using more humane methods of pushing pests away from your house, can be more beneficial to you and your household. Not only that you avoid killing those creatures, but it can be more efficient in keeping them away as well.


Do Not Let Them Come In

You will not have any pest problems if they would not be able to step in your house at the first place.  This makes it important for you to block all their possible entrance, like applying latex caulk on holes. It can prevent insects from going in your place. Moreover, do not forget to bury your fences or applying concrete under it to shield your house from foxes and badgers. Moreover, you should also keep tree branches away from your roof or windows by trimming them regularly.


Keep All Food and Water Sources from Their Reach

House pests want to creep and stay in your house to have a good supply of food and water. Keep it both away from their reach, and they will surely leave by their own. Always store your food in airtight containers to keep them from insects and rodents, and repair any leakage on your pipelines and faucets. Moreover, make sure to drain all stagnant water in your place like in tubs, basin, pails and even rain puddles. Those are excellent breeding grounds for some insects like mosquitoes too.

Put Down Their Nests and Breeding Ground

If you have noticed some pests already in your home, try tracing them up and locate their nests. After which, put it down to make them leave away. As stated above, drain all stagnant water to put away possible breeding grounds of mosquitoes. You should also keep rotten wood away because it could potentially attract various insects. Moreover, do not leave scattered papers and fabric all over your home like newspapers, scratch papers, and even your piled-up dirty clothes. You should also make sure to clean-up all humid and moist areas regularly because of most insects like moist places.


Avoid Using Harmful Substances and Stuff to Kill the House Pests

Harmful stuff that aims to kill pests may include traps and poisons. Such things could put you and your household’s health at risk, especially on the poisonous stuff. For instance, you place a rat poison pellet on a corner; your pet cat can have the chance to have it instead.

All you have to do is to consider such environment-friendly option to deal with pests in your home. You can do it on your own, or contact your local humane pest exterminators such as Orkin. There are pest extermination services nowadays that do not use the conventional harmful methods.  They focus more on preventing pests like insects and rodents to come in your home, instead of simply killing them all.

Choosing such methods in dealing with pests do not just simply help you conserve the environment, but it can also help in securing you and your household’s health as well. You just have to know more about such methods, for you to execute them properly and for optimal results.

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