Many times, great real estate deals are broken down by a mere unpleasant smell in the property. Of course, buyers will think that they have to deal with such odors after buying the house, and it could be bigger than expected. Thus, they tend to stray away from it. This makes it important for you to eliminate such bad odors efficiently before putting your property on the market.


How to Get Rid of Bad Smell in Your Property for Sale

It could be far more difficult than you think. Masking it with deodorizers does not work at all times. In fact, some buyers will assume that you are hiding something when you do such a step. This makes it important for you to deal with the bad odor for good.


Start by Pinning Down the Cause

Of course, you cannot solve a problem for good if you do not know its cause. Problem is, you could be accustomed to certain odors, and thus you cannot easily smell it by yourself. Best thing to do is to have somebody check your house for it.

You can invite a friend to do it for you, or ask your realtor for help. Then ask them about the possible source of it. This is when you can decide what to do.


Do Some Cleanups

One of the most common sources of bad smell is dirty and spoiled stuff. Thus, you should start cleaning up your home. Use baking soda and vinegar solution to clean your trashcan area, and do not forget to throw away your food leftovers. You should also clean your fridge and microwave as well. Moreover, consider the place where you pile your dirty clothes, and thoroughly clean it too.


Do Some Natural Remedies

Instead of choosing artificial air fresheners, do the natural way of dealing with bad odors first. You can cut lemons in half, and put them on the right spots. Rubbing a bit of vanilla on your lightbulb can do wonders as well. Moreover, open your windows especially on days with great weather. That could let bad odors to come out while letting natural air to come in.


Hire Some Contractors

If odors still persist after doing some cleaning and using natural remedies, consider hiring contractors to deal with it. It could include carpet cleaners, which could also lead you to purchase a new carpet. You should also not miss having pest controls and mold exterminators as well. Aside from eliminating bad odors, they can also help you avoid stuff that could cause allergies and sickness to people. Remember that such people include your potential buyers too.


Plan a Renovation

This should be your last resort. Perhaps, this should be included in your initial renovation plan as well. Doing renovations can help in dealing with unpleasant odors that linger on your walls, floor, and other house parts. For instance, considering applying a fresh coat of paint can do great.


Add Great Smelling Stuff upon a Potential Buyer’s Visit

Finally, put in some great smelling stuff when you know a potential buyer is coming. First, ditch your artificial air fresheners. Next, open the windows and cut some lemons that you can place on the best spots. Also, bake some great smelling pies if you can.

These are just a few tips that you can consider to deal with bad odors in your property. You can search more about it, or ask your real estate agent to help you find the best solutions. After all, you cannot overlook such factor, and miss good chances of selling your property on the soonest possible time.


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