Simple DIYs can do wonders in your home when done properly. In your kitchen, for example, major renovations aren’t necessary for fascinating kitchen upgrades today. You only have to know about a few DIY suggestions that create significant uplifts to any kitchen.

These are DIYs doable in a few days, instead of spending ample time for renovations. Also, these come with lesser costs, since you don’t have to hire a professional to do the job. These are achievable using affordable materials as well.


Fascinating Kitchen Upgrades that don’t require Major Renovations

To help you start, here are a few easy DIY kitchen tasks you should know:

Upgrade Faucets and Plumbing

Begin with one of the basic needs of your kitchen. Give your plumbing and faucet some uplift to make them look updated. Check if they have leaks or drips so you can seal them properly. This would tell you if a replacement is a must as well.

Then, consider replacing the fixtures and faucet. Consider updated or latest designs to make them look trendy. However, it’s best to buy timeless designs that match any modern trends.

Update Lighting

Replace worn-out lightbulb to give a fresh and bright look in your kitchen. Consider choosing LED lights for better energy efficiency with similar brightness to incandescent options. Also, you can add some accentuating lights, such as under the cabinet lights or sculptural pendant lights.

Modify Cabinets and Shelves

Instead of entirely replacing cabinets, you can simply reface them or upgrade their exterior. In fact, common kitchen upgrades include replacing cabinet doors, applying veneers on the exterior and repainting them. This is suitable if you have hardy cabinets, such as those made from classic hardwood.

Also, modify some shelving or containers in your kitchen. You can use old cabinets for it by simply removing their doors. That would show off your kitchenware and cooking ingredients easily.

Buy Appliances

Note that you need to replace appliances every 5 to 15 years depending on what’s specified. And this includes kitchen appliances too, such as burners, fridges, and ovens. Thing is, you don’t have to spend thousands on it. Look for affordable options around, or find quality secondhand items.

Countertops and Backsplash

Of course, be sure to give your countertops some uplift as well. There are natural but hardy materials available such as granite, or affordable options such as Formica. Also, you can add more space if you’re short of countertops, simply by putting in a center island or an extra preparation table.

Then, look at the back of your burners and think of what you can do with your backsplash. Buy affordable materials such as tiles. You can opt for simply repainting it with glossy paints too. Be sure, however, to choose materials that are easy to wipe clean after cooking.

Minor Knick-Knacks

Look around your kitchen area and you’ll see some small things that need upgrades. This includes cabinets or drawers’ knobs, condiment holders, hooks and racks among other items. You can repaint them if you want to keep their original looks. But if they need replacement, you can find affordable yet quality items in local stores or online sellers.


These kitchen upgrades would surely give an important area in your home a fresh fascinating look. The key here is, be creative, and plan your DIY project carefully. Consider the materials you’d use, how you would do the task, and ask help when necessary. And if you plan to do it in preparing your home for selling, be sure to ask your realtor for some guides.


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