There are hidden costs in buying a home and you wouldn’t want to miss preparing for them. Yes, there are obvious expenses such as down payment, appraisal, realtor commission, and home insurance. But it’s easy to prepare for them since they’re basics for any real estate purchases. That’s why you should prepare for unobvious costs which may seem small, but can add-up into thousands of dollars too.

And these are hidden costs many homebuyers miss to plan ahead. And these expenses can lead you to financial burdens while adjusting to your new home.


Prepare for these Hidden Costs before Buying a Home today

Here are few of the common hidden expenses when you buy a home:


Hidden Damages

Water spills, peeled-off wires, pest infestation, rotting wood, weak foundation, falling shingles, and cracked walls are only a few of the common damages a home can acquire. And it’s easy to miss these when you go on a walk-through without a professional home inspector.

Yes, hiring a reputable home inspector means another cost to pay. But it’s nowhere near the amount you may spend for small repairs to big renovations when necessary. On a side note, you can these damages may help you pull-down the price of a property through negotiation. Also, you can sign an agreement for the seller to do the fixing before closing instead.


Appliances Cost

Be sure you know what’s included in a home before buying. Ask the seller if you’d get to have the fridge, television or washing machine among other appliances in buying a home. After all, it’s hard to purchase one or a few appliances after paying the down payment.

You can consider including such points in the purchase agreement too. List all that are included in your contract so the seller can’t simply pull out an item from the home.


Utility Expenses and Bills

You know you have to prepare for bills especially when moving to your own home. There would be no landlord or property managers to take care of stuff such as garbage collection. So, prepare for bigger overall utility bills when owning a home.

Also, see if the seller would hand you home with installed utility lines. If not, you should call utility companies to connect with their services.  That’s another cost.


Community Fees

Be sure to know what type of property you’re buying. If it belongs to a homeowners association, such as a condo unit or a home in a development area, prepare for regular fees. These fees are for services you get from them, such as security, maintenance, and improvements.


Additional Home Insurance Costs

Yes, you should pay for home insurance premium annually. But there are many perils basic home insurance often doesn’t include. That’s when you should pay for additional coverage on another insurance plan, or as an addition to what you have.

These hazard insurance policies commonly include disasters, such as floods and earthquakes. Be sure, however, that it’s practical for you to get them. If you live near a body of water, for example, get a flood insurance policy. You can avoid them if you’re not in a flood-prone area.


These are only a few of the most common hidden costs in buying a home. Do your research, prepare for them and avoid these expenses if possible. Talk with your realtor for more guide.


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