Downsizing is common among homeowners who see their large home becoming more and more impractical. It’s not about buying the wrong large home, but becoming more realistic in terms of space functionality and overall maintenance. Note that larger home requires more upkeeps than smaller properties, such as higher demand for heating energy.

Thing is, it’s not just ditching a larger home and moving to a seemingly great smaller house. It’s still finding one that suits your household needs and preferences. Giving a bedroom for each member of the family is just an example, while providing enough space for a home office. Downsize without careful planning would lead you to a lot of items and purposes squeezed into limited spaces. Now, how should you downsize into a smaller home without regrets?


Here are few Guidelines in Downsizing your Home efficiently

1. Plan Steps with the Family

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Begin by carefully planning your steps. Make sure to include everybody in the household to hear everyone’s needs, preferences and inputs. Identify the items each is willing to throw, sell or give away, then talk about the space needed. If you have high schoolers, for example, you may need to consider a study area for them.


2. Identify which to Bring and Dispose

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Stating the obvious, you must know what to bring to your new smaller house. That’d include all personal necessities, appliances and furniture. Question is, would everything fit in a smaller property?

So, be careful with large items when downsizing such as cabinets and drawers, then think twice in bringing items that merely clutter your home. Extra unused juicer, piles of magazines, old clothes, broken appliances and many other items should remain away from your new house.

On a side note, avoid overbuying things for your new house.  New items would make older ones into more clutters. So, focus on items you really need, and consider reusing old items if possible.


3. Plan to Fit Things in a Smaller Space

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This is easier when you already know what to sell, throw or give away as means of disposing some items. You’d have lesser number of household items to deal with. And you have to make sure that everything would fit in your new home.

Beginning with larger items, consider bringing out your tape measure to make sure you’d have enough spaces for them. If you don’t have enough, sell larger furniture and appliances to buy smaller ones. Think of finding furniture with multiple drawers and racks to accommodate more items and use. Other option is to make multipurpose spaces or items, Such as turning a walk-in closet into a small home office space.

With small items, organizing them properly is the key. Assuming that you’ve already disposed clutters, it wouldn’t be hard to you to arrange what have remained. As previously mentioned, favor furniture with multiple racks, drawers and other storage. This isn’t only applicable for cabinets, since beds with drawers are available too.

Be sure to maximize your space as well. For example, feel free to turn a corner into a reading area by adding a desk with a small desk lamp.

Keeping these clever tips in mind would help you in downsizing into a small home easily. This is all about practicability, after all, so be sure to make the most out of the space you’d have to avoid any regrets.

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