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Taking the First Impression of Buyers on Your Front Door

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Setting Your Front Door for a Positive First Impression from Buyers Your buyers’ first impression can be extremely helpful or detrimental to their decision in buying your house property. Of course, they want to have a house that is as perfect as possible, thus you should do your best to meet such standard. This makes…

Curb Appeal and Selling Your Home Easily by Attracting Buyers

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Curb Appeal and Selling Your Home Using the Exterior’s Appearance A house interior could be the most important aspect when talking about living in it, but it is not the only thing while selling it on the market. Your property’s exterior appearance contributes a lot to attracting buyers, thus you should take advantage of the…

Effectively Staging Your Kitchen in Your House for Sale

staging your kitchen

Staging Your Kitchen is a Great Investment in Selling Your House One of the biggest investment you should do in preparing your house for sale is the proper staging of your kitchen. After the living room, potential buyers tends to go directly to the kitchen upon checking out your property and not to the bedroom….

4675 S Byron Road, Vernon Twp MI, 48429

4675 S Byron Road, Vernon Twp MI, 48429

Ed Constable has listed the home located at 4675 S Byron Check out this unique 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in a gorgeously wooded setting! The wood foyer leads up to the living room with gas fireplace. The open kitchen has amazing amounts of storage and stainless steel appliances. The lower level family room has…

Thompson Road Regional Dog Park

See more pictures of the dog park: Check out the new Thompson Road Regional Dog Park! After a year and a half of the cities of Fenton and Linden working together, they have finally successfully opened the 2.2-acre  Thompson Road Regional Dog Park! Local dog owners now always will have a place to take their…