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Can I Sell My House in the Winter?

Selling Your Home in Winter

Can I Sell My House in the Winter? Many homeowners mistakenly believe that summer is the only time to sell. While it’s true that there are more buyers roaming the streets during the warmer months, life happens all year long, and plenty of homebuying hopefuls are popping up every day. Keep reading for a few…

Identifying Arsenic in Your Drinking Water

Arsenic in Fenton

You may think that Genesee County’s water woes are exclusive to the recent Flint Water Crisis. This is where you’d be wrong. Dating back to 2009, many wells in the Genesee area have tested high for Arsenic, a naturally accruing metallic element that forms a number of poisonous compounds. This makes other areas like Swartz Creek,…

How To Have The Most Progressive Home In Your Neighborhood

Coolest Home

In an ever-changing society, people are always looking for something new and dynamic.  Despite what you are searching for, people consider whether it is about the progressive home décor, new high tech gadgets  or determining what products will benefit their home living experience. Self-cleaning sheets Are you conscious about keeping your place clean? There are self-cleaning sheets available in the…