Calculate your Approximate Monthly Mortgage 

This tool can give you an idea of what your monthly mortgage payments would be, including home owners insurance. Property taxes can affect your monthly payments, depending on your mortgage.

[mortgage interest_rate=”4.5″ mortgage_term=”30″ width=”350″]


Curious how much closing costs would be?

This calculator can help you determine what your closing costs might be, not including any down payments a buyer would be making, or property taxes due. Your Title Company will give you a complete estimate once your property is scheduled to close, but this tool can help you prepare!

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Don’t want to go through the hassle of getting pre-approved?  This little tool will let you know about how much a Lender would give you a loan for. 

For a complete pre-approval, Contact Ed Constable, Realtor for a referral to a great lender that is best suited for your personal financial situation. Not all Lenders are created equal, and not all Lenders can qualify the same people!

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This little tool will show you the rental yield of investment real estate.