Byram Ridge

Byram Ridge is a great community in Linden, MI featuring brand new energy star homes in the Fenton area. Located in close proximity to many lakes, parks, golf courses, shopping, restaurants, and outdoor activities. Byram Ridge is in Fenton Township with a Linden Mailing address and is in Linden School district.

Byram Ridge is featuring brand new homes available at a great value.  They have several parcels available to choose from if you would them to build you a home or they have pre-build spec homes to choose from.  A majority of the homes in this neighborhood that are selling right now are new builds but these new build homes are being delivered at a price where many people feel it was a much better value buying new than a use pre-owned home.  The new builds by Allen Edwin are all 2 x 6 construction and are all designed with energy efficiency in mind.  You can also keep in mind that yes a new home can be more expensive than a used home but the energy efficiency regulations that are put on builder today make these new homes so efficient that the energy saving alone can make up the difference in your monthly payment.  For example wall insulation has to be R-21 now where not long ago they only had to be R-13.  If you are considering a new build check out the new, New Builds section on my website. 

If you have interested in seeing some the New or Used homes in this great neighborhood contact Ed Constable. You can search for homes in Byram Ridge below.

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