Higher home value means a better return on investment from your property. That is why you want the best possible price tag upon selling. Thing is, you can’t merely post any price on your home. Price should justify the value of your property to attract serious buyers.

For example, you can’t sell a run-down home at the price of a newly constructed property. However, with the current competition, you can do some tweaks to add more value to your property. And you only have to learn the best improvements which pump up property value.


How to Boost Home Value of your Property efficiently

The key to boosting the value of your property is doing proper steps for better ROI. Remember that not all tweaks, renovations and add-ons result to more profit. Some merely increases the value of your expenses while limiting your price tag. Hence, be sure to take note of these notes along the way:


Increase Square Footage

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Bigger properties tend to have bigger value when they have more functional spaces. No, adding more floor area to your home isn’t enough. It must have specific usage as well, such as for a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Adding external spaces are also great, such as a patio or sunroom.


Improve Curb Appeal

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Next, be sure you’re home looks fabulous from the outside. This is about using the first impression in attracting buyers to come inside, which certainly boosts home value too. Simply keeping your lawn look neat does wonder, especially if you have some bright-colored flowers and organized landscape. Then, think of power washing your external walls, pavement, and pathways, as well as applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Also, think of improving your main door. You can apply a fresh coat of paint on it, or change the entire door if you have extra cash. Then, change its knob and number plates for additional value.



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As previously mentioned, power washing and repainting external walls is a great idea. But be sure to add fresh colors on your internal walls too. However, favor using neutral colors such as light blue, gray or beige to attract a wider audience. Just apply quite darker colors as an accent on corners of walls.


Boost Lighting

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Adding sufficient lighting in your home makes its value shine. So, update light fixtures, change burned-up lightbulbs, and consider a smart lighting system. Some lighting systems today run through virtual assistance hubs such as Google Assistance, Alexa and Siri.

Then, don’t miss adding enough lighting on your exterior as well. This makes your home look great even at night. However, motion-sensing flood lights are best for deterring burglars who plan to intrude on your home.


Improve Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is now a piece of common knowledge among most home buyers, so you can’t simply set it aside. Boosting weather stripping and insulation are great, but be sure you have energy-efficient thermostat, air conditioning unit and heaters as well. Favor energy-efficient appliances too.

Also, energy efficiency is almost synonymous with smart controls and features today. Think of thermostats with programmable schedulers which only operate when needed. Remote controlling features through smartphones are favored by buyers too.


So, when thinking of boosting home value, be sure to keep these essential improvements in your checklist. This is all about doing the right improvements, so you’d get bigger returns upon selling.

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