There are seemingly harmless problems that could pull down homes-value significantly. These are real estate issues inside your home, about its condition, around it, or with its overall location.

Missing to consider these problems could bring you large headaches in the long run, or leaving you with small ROI from small price tags. You wouldn’t want that, thus you should have some ideas about these factors now.


What are some unobvious Factors that could affect your Homes-Value?

As a quick guide, here are a few factors you should consider if you plan to sell a home:


Undesirable Neighborhood and Location

Real estate experts observe far lesser price value with properties located on undesirable locations. Here are some of those:


  • Buyers tend to shy away from properties near sources of annoying noise, like train tracks, shooting range, industrial plants, and even mere noisy neighbors. Thus, you can expect such properties to have smaller price tags.
  • Unsafe neighborhood or locale is also another factor that makes buyers extra cautious, or totally go away. This could include properties near billboards, train tracks, highways, and power lines among others. Buyers even consider the presence of sex offenders and other criminal acts as significant deterrence.
  • Homes with messy neighbors also tend to have lesser value. Be cautious of hoarders around the neighborhood, which usually has piles of stuff and trash on their yard.


Unkempt or Odd exteriors and Yard

Be sure to make your yard look neat, and keep an eye on possible dangers on it. Moreover, consider your house’ exterior as well.


  • Landscaping can either make or break homes-value, thus you should keep it look great for your Curb appeal. Be sure to trim the grass to make your yard look nice, to avoid legal penalties, and avoid inviting pests to come.
  • Trees could pose significant dangers as well, thus they should be properly maintained. It’s best to plant them a considerable distance away or place a root barrier around them. You wouldn’t want its roots to damage your property.
  • Odd looking exteriors can push buyers away, especially if it makes you appear like a sore in the neighborhood. Make sure your house fits well with its location while adding some sense of uniqueness on it.


Unfavorable House’ Condition

It’s obvious that bad house condition could negatively affect its value, but there are seemingly small problems that you should address accordingly.


  • Small fine cracks could appear harmless, but they could grow into bigger problems when left unattended. They could also be some signs of far bigger existing concerns.
  • A leaking faucet or pipelines is another common problem you should address right away. Aside from pushing up your water bills, it can also cause mold problems and damage a part of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Don’t miss to check the condition of the basement. There should be no direct contact of wood and dirt, so termites won’t destroy your house foundation. Make sure it has sufficient concrete flooring and wall on good condition.
  • When you spot few pealing paints on your wall, consider repainting it on the soonest possible time. This is to avoid having it larger and to keep your walls protected from harmful elements as well.


These are just a few of the unobvious yet significant problem that could pull down your homes-value. Consider to avoid the first set of factors, and carefully address the rest.


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