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Bedroom Ideas to Transform a Free Space

Bedroom Ideas

If someone in your home moves out leaving you with an empty room, there are plenty of fun room ideas you can turn the vacant room into. For instance, if your newlywed daughter moves into her new husband’s house, you can turn her bedroom into something new and you can use it for different purposes. Most think to just simply maintain it or possibly consider using it as a typical storage area, but there are actually a lot of wonderful bedroom ideas you should consider.

5 Bedroom Ideas for a Vacant Bedroom Space

To help you decide about what to do with that free room in your home, here are 5 bedroom ideas you should consider:

  • Craft Room

If you are an art-lover, a craft room would be a great choice for utilizing an extra room in your house. You can place your art materials in it and make new crafts, or display your projects for your guests to see. Aside from being a simple craft room, you could also magnify it into a gallery to showcase your work.

  • Meditation Room

Of course, you want to relieve yourself from stress after a long day. A meditation room would be a great way for you to unwind and relax in your spare time. Setting up a designated place in your house that will provide you with space to just relax and be comfortable can really help relieve stress. You can even add some therapeutic objects in the room like scented candles and/or music players for meditation, even some plants might help make the room feel more peaceful.

  • Home Gym

We are all busy, busy people which makes getting to the gym a little extra hard sometimes. If you have an extra room in your home, a great bedroom idea would be to turn it into an at-home gym. It could be as simple as some mats and a few weights; or a full gym with a treadmill, weights, and training equipment. Having a mini-gym in your home would help utilize empty space and make it easier for you to get a workout in when you have free time.

  • Cocktail Lounge

Another great way to unwind, especially with your friends, is by having a few of your favorite drinks together. Having a cocktail lounge in your house is a perfect, and fun idea for utilizing free space in your home. You can place some small furniture in there with a table at the center, plus install a mini-bar to complete the cocktail lounge atmosphere.

  • Home Theater

Installing a home mini-theater in a spare bedroom is another great idea to consider. Aside from your TV at the living room, you can also design a spare bedroom space to become a mini-theatre. You can place some sofas at the side and have an LED TV at the center. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a cool surround sound system to maximize your viewing experience.

Those are just 5 vacant bedroom ideas you can consider; there are still more options you can think about. You don’t have to construct a new room for these ideas or an extension with your house area on your backyard. Just simply modify a free bedroom space, and you can have a wonderful, new place to enjoy in your free time.


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