Barrier Free Homes

Whether you need an easily accessible home now for yourself, loved ones, or guests, building a barrier free home can have great advantages in the future. Circumstances always change and homeowners never know when they are in of easy accessible homes. Barrier free homes have a higher resell than value compared to traditional homes. Make the investment now and live without worrying about the future.

You can start the process by finding a Veteran Affairs approved builder or a builder with experience building homes or commercial properties based on the American Disabilities Act. These builders are familiar with the needs of those living with disabilities and know how layouts need to be designed, the width of doorways, and creating safe bathrooms. A lot of these modifications to meet individuals needs are done in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the beauty of the property by incorporating these features in naturally.

Features of Accessible Homes

Hard surface flooring
Hard surfaces are easier to walk on, easier wheelchair use, and easier cleaning. Many traditional kitchens already utilize hard surface flooring and by spreading the flooring into the living room it makes the home appear natural with one open room. This creates a warm welcoming feeling for homeowners as well as guests.

Homeowners already want a larger and more beautiful bathroom and shower. Take advantage of this desire by offering dual services of accessibility as well as design. By creating a universal design you can create a high resell value for potential buyers as well as usability for any person regardless of age, size, ability, etc. Another great feature in bathrooms is a roll under sink to allow wheelchair uses easy access to the county and sink

 Entry Ways
Installing wide doorways always wheelchair users an easily accessible entry. Make sure the doorway is not just wide enough for the wheelchair itself by for users to extend their hand and arms on the outside to navigate the wheelchair. 8 foot sliding glass doors allow beautiful views and a lot of natural light inside the home and duel use as another accessible entry way.