These days, everyone is trying to learn the basics of real estate. It’s a really useful bit of knowledge to have – and you’re bound to need it eventually. Maybe you’ll start thinking about buying a new house? Or you want to make an investment in a home that you’ll rent out later? And sure – equity investment is a good idea if you have the money, but you shouldn’t do this on a whim. If you ask us, knowing at least the basics of real estate is important if you want to invest money in it – because it isn’t a cheap investment. And even if you’re just buying a new home for yourself – you definitely want to know all of the factors that influence a home’s value. That way, you’ll roughly know how much money you’re spending, and on what.


The Basics of Home Value

If you’re thinking about learning more about the value of houses – you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you a quick rundown of all the important factors that influence a home’s value. And trust us – you’re not wasting any time or energy by learning this if you’re looking at homes for sale. Because, as we’ve mentioned – no matter how small of a home you’re buying, it won’t be cheap. That’s why you want to have all the knowledge needed to make an informed choice. So – how do we determine the basic value of a home?


Let’s Talk About Market Value

In the world of real estate, there are various ways of determining the value of a property – and houses and apartments are no exception. But we won’t burden you with all of them – the value you’re looking for is something called the market value of a home. And in the most basic sense, that’s the value from the perspective of a seller. Or in other words – how much a seller thinks the home is worth. This is an important metric, regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller yourself. You’ll need it to navigate the real estate market with any success.

Remember something, though – this isn’t the final price of a home. This is a starting point, that is usually up for discussion. Before the house is sold, the buyer will try to bring this value down, while the seller will overestimate it – that’s how the game is played. After all, the buyer has a lot of secondary costs to consider. Those things stack up, like future mortgage interest or finding movers for assistance you can use when moving to another state or a new town. But let’s return to the primary expenses – what are the factors that influence a home’s value on the market? How exactly is this starting point determined?


The Most Important Factors that Influence a Home’s Value

Now that we’ve established the basics of the listed price of a home – let’s talk about how that basic value is determined. And furthermore, you’ll learn how to spot if a home is really worth the price its seller is offering. This is a very useful skill to learn if you want to put in any money in real estate.

If you want to gain the most value you can for your money, you’ll pay attention to some of the important factors that influence a home’s value. And remember – what all of this boils down to is just an educated guess. Nevertheless, if you know what to look for – you’ll be able to make a pretty accurate estimate. With that in mind – what are the specific things you should be aware of? We can boil everything down into five categories:

  1. The curb appeal of a home
  2. Spatial factors
  3. Construction quality
  4. Pride of ownership
  5. Market trends


The Value of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a real estate term that you may not be familiar with. It’s no big deal because it isn’t really common knowledge – but it isn’t too complicated either. Basically, curb appeal is a value of how attractive a property is at first glance, from the street. That’s how this value got its name – because it estimates how good a home looks from the curb of the street. But even though this is a simple metric, it’s also one of the critical factors that influence a home’s value. As the saying goes – there’s no second chance at a first impression.


Spatial Aspects of Value

Of course, the value of a home isn’t just based on the home itself. The value of the accompanying lot is also very important – as is the general area. If you’re moving to a new home, the location will determine a lot of your costs. For example, Miami based professionals that can help you move will cost less if you’re moving to Key Largo than for a relocation to Jacksonville. And the state of the neighborhood matters as well. Do all utilities have good infrastructure in the neighborhood? Stuff like plumbing and electricity are really important. And also, the real estate markets can differ wildly depending on where the property is located.


The Quality of the Construction Works

Now that we’ve mentioned most of the external factors – let’s examine the interior of the home as well. Here we find some of the most crucial factors that influence a home’s value. For example, how well was the house built? Is the foundation sound and firm, and is there mold anywhere? This isn’t something you should estimate on your own – we recommend hiring construction experts to give their opinion.


Pride of Ownership Is a Big Factor

Speaking of real estate terms, here’s another one you’ll need to learn – pride of ownership. To put it simply, this shows if the current owner has invested in the home. If you’re selling a house, it helps to show that you’ve increased its value while it was a part of your personal property. So yes, restoring an older home is smart if you’re planning on selling. And it’s not just about paying for maintenance – this also means stuff like regularly mowing the lawn, and keeping the gutters clean.


The Real Estate Market Itself

Lastly, it’s important to remember that the market is one of the important factors that influence a home’s value on its own. No matter how good the home is, a slump in demand will force prices down – and there’s no way around that.


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