depersonalize your house

Be sure to depersonalize your house before you sell it. This is to remove your identity as potential buyers take a tour in your property.  Thus, helping them easily visualize their own self, family, and life in it.  Failing to do so can bloc buyers from such thoughts, and the tour will appear like bragging your own self instead of selling out the property.


How to Properly Depersonalize your House before Buyers can take a Tour

Properly depersonalizing your home means efficiently packaging it for selling on the market. It can also do wonders in helping  your home breathe out more space, so it’s easier for buyers to envision a purpose for certain rooms. Moreover, it can make them feel more comfortable as well.


Here are 3 quick tips that can help you depersonalize your home efficiently.


Keep all your Clutters

Be sure to free your home from different clutters. Yes, it includes stuff that you don’t need anymore, but it includes specific objects that can stand out in an area. For example, be sure to remove a large antique pot standing in your living room. Aside from removing your identity of loving such an object, it helps breathe out more space as well.

Consider removing other decors, such as religious stuff and holiday designs. Also, be sure to keep your kids’ toys and other knickknacks into their proper storage. Tackle your bookshelves, and consider reversing your books so their spine would face inwards. You wouldn’t want buyers with a different belief to stray away because of a single book.

Aside from your interior, be sure to remove clutters on your yard as well. Remember that your curb appeal can create a long-lasting impression on buyers. Thus, keep trash cans, a lot of pots and unnecessary decors away. Instead, focus on improving you’re landscaping and trimming your lawn.


Remove Personal Frames and Displays on the Walls

If you plan to depersonalize your house, be sure to free your walls from any displays and frame that focuses on you and your family. This includes your credentials, certifications, medals, trophies, family pictures, and other displays. As stated earlier, it’s about selling your home and not bragging about your accomplishments to buyers. And this can help increase your target market since your house can accommodate people from many walks of life.


However, you can retain landscape paintings or photos of beautiful natural attractions. You can also place one wall art on a wall, as long as it’s as neutral as possible. This is to accentuate the space your wall can breathe out after depersonalizing it.


Repaint with Neutral Colors

Finally, consider repainting your walls, and make them look neutral for buyers. This is important especially if you have walls with bright or dark colors. This includes bright yellow kitchen walls or dark colored bedroom walls. Moreover, remove fancy wallpapers anywhere in the house.

Consider neutral paint colors, such as white and beige for your living room and bedroom. Light gray can also fit well to make buyers feel comfortable, and let them think of cozy afternoon on the couch. At the corners of your wall, you can accentuate it with minimum darker shades of neutral colors, such as brown.


Keeping these points in mind can help depersonalize your house efficiently. Be sure to keep your personal belongings, free your walls from personal decors and make your place as neutral as possible.


Image Source: Freepik, Lumen5

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